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A love and sex addiction can be a thorn in your mental, relational and professional life.

In this video, I speak transparently about my former addiction, and how I got free through both on-the-cushion and on-the-go meditation.

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“A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains,” Reflections On

These are my inspired thoughts on the lyrics and song, “A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains” by mewithoutYou. They are not the official, or the band’s commentary on the piece. A cat came driftingOn my porch from the outside coldAnd with eyes closed, drinkingWarm milk from my bowl Thought:”Nobody hears me, nobody hears…

4/4/21 Update:

Quick update for my WordPress fans! Please check out my next two events, on the Event page. They are gonna be bangers that can change your life, by giving you some simple tweaks on how you see and live your life. For the comfortable-with-Christianity crowd, I recommend both, the St. John talk, and the Buddhist…