4/4/21 Update:

Quick update for my WordPress fans!

Please check out my next two events, on the Event page. They are gonna be bangers that can change your life, by giving you some simple tweaks on how you see and live your life. For the comfortable-with-Christianity crowd, I recommend both, the St. John talk, and the Buddhist Solution to the Mind talk. For those not into the Christian framework, sign up for the Buddhist talk. For both crowds, just know this: You don’t have to become a Buddhist to get great insight into how you should and can relate to your own mind/thoughts.

And don’t forget, the best bang for your buck, is to sign up on my Patreon page. For two coffees a week, you get access to the below, growing library, plus free access to my weekly talks, plus one-on-one time, plus more.

Whatever you want to call it, Enlightenment (Buddhist word), or Union with God (Catholic/Orthodox phrase), is real. On one hand, we shouldn’t make it some out-of-this-world thing, that we don’t have access to. YOU… CAN… experience this. On the other hand, we shouldn’t take it for granted, and write it off as an just another experience amongst many, because it WILL forever change your life. Does it make you weird and out of touch? No. Do you get a halo as a souvenir? No. You still feel pretty normal, but you just don’t deal with the pushes and the pulls of the clinging, scared and self-centered mind, and sure, sometimes there’s a bit of an extraordinary tinge and flare you feel with you, but nothing too wild.

I’ve experienced this, and I live it. Am I special? Fuck no! Did I humble myself, and actually take advice from Buddhist and Christian monks, meditators and mystics? Yes. It’s simple. Do what they say, and get the result. I’m not special, at all, just one among MANY who have had the same experience.

You can be one among many as well. Join me! It’s fun, and most importantly, you live free. I don’t have a community, so this won’t be a cult or anything. It’s just friendships and relationships, based on equality and humility. No power trips allowed! Won’t you join me?

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