The Mindfulness Secret Ingredient

No! It’s not cinnamon!

For the sake of clarity, which will make sense to you shortly, I will use the numbers 1 and 2 when referring to mindfulness.

Mindfulness1 is natural consciousness. It’s the knowing aspect of your mind that is built in. It came with you into this world, and it will never turn off. It’s always awake and conscious of what is happening, whether you are tuned in to that consciousness or not. It’s the cognizance of your Bigger Self, of your Buddha Self, of the Holy Spirit in you. It is your Buddhanature, your Godnature.

Mindfulness2 is when you purposefully choose to be mindful of an object, a person, an environment, a feeling, etc. That’s it. There isn’t anything special to say about this type of consciousness and focus, but that doesn’t make it any less important in your journey of Waking Up. I gave it the number two because it eventually becomes a car that is no longer needed, when you finally and permanently move into the city of mindfulness1, where, like New York City, no car is needed. Moving to this Place is our numero uno goal!

Okay. Got it? Good. Here’s the secret sauce…

The not-so-much-talked-about trick to meditation is this: To be in and with mindfulness1, also called self-existing awareness, that is conscious of you, all by itself, when you are meditating and focusing on something, when you are in mindfulness2. Mindfulness1 is the third eye that sees you as you use your two eyes to be mindful and at attention. This is the eye of God that Meister Eckhart talks about when he says,

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”

When most people meditate, they are only using mindfulness2, and this is a great start, but depending on oneself to be mindful and at attention can be tiring and demanding, because we weren’t built to be aware all on our own. We need the help of a higher power, a higher awareness. The self that focuses and fixates on an object during meditation, like the breath, for example, is the self that we are trying to gain a healthy dose of freedom from in our spiritual journey (not separation from, just some freedom from. There is a difference). We are meant to be carried like a child in the arms of The Third Eye, and mindfulness2 is just a stepping stone to mindfulness1.

The good news is that we can begin to have an intentional relationship with mindfulness1 while practicing mindfulness2.

Let me explain how:

Mindfulness2 is simple. Find an object to be aware of, focused on and present with. Please, do this with a relaxed, at ease attitude. Make sure you don’t take your meditation job too seriously. Grit and a drill sergeant attitude are not welcome to the meditation cushion. This object can be a form to look at with your eyes, a sound to hear with your ears, sensations in your body to feel with your sense of touch, or even a smell to sniff with your nose. Pssst, visible form is the most common meditation object, if you’re having trouble deciding.

Found your object to pay attention to? Righty-o.

Go ahead and give all your rested(important word!) focus to the object. Thoughts, moods, imaginations, your phone, the clock on your wall, we’re not gonna give them our time right now. They are not enemies to be hostile at, nor do we need to fight them. If a thought flies through your head like a bird, that is okay, let the bird keep flying; but even though thoughts and mental activity are not our villains, right now, during our time of mindfulness2, they are like school friends that we are not playing with. In other words, don’t gawk at the bird. All that we’re present with, is the object we’ve chosen, and nothing else. If you find yourself distracted from being present with your object, don’t feel irritated or disappointed, just go back to your object. This is a normal part of the process. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Yes, I said that twice.

Now, let’s bring in mindfulness1.

As you are relaxingly focused on your object, notice the knowing that is cognizant and conscious of you focusing on your object. This isn’t a trick or a play of words. It’s there. There is a natural and inherent aspect of yourself and of your mind that just knows. You don’t have to power it up. You don’t have to be given it by an angel. Just notice it. If this makes no sense to you, that’s okay, be patient, and be willing to give it a few rounds(on different days).

Let’s say you see it. You notice the noticing that is noticing you notice your object of notice. Okay! That was a play of words, but still a serious and simple statement. Again, let’s say you do recognize this conscious quality and aspect of yourself, that is mindful of you meditating. Great! Stay in that place. Stay in that connection. Stay present with that aspect of your mind, that knowing aspect.

If you can, let go of mindfulness2. Stop meditating on your object, even if just for a few seconds. Just be with mindfulness1. When you lose contact with your third eye, mindfulness 1, go back to mindfulness2 again, and repeat the above advice. When I started using this cool little trick, my meditation “efforts” were much more richly rewarded, and I know yours will be too.

That’s it! Why read more of what I have to say, when you can go and practice this new method right away. We read so much, but don’t put what we read to work. Don’t be that person! Start your relationship with mindfulness1 right now! Be so familiar with mindfulness1, that wherever you go, you are one with God’s watchful eye over you and your life. Make it your safe space. Mindfulness1 is invincible to all the ups and downs that you go through inside your mind and heart. Be with mindfulness1 as you brush your teeth, walk your dog, play with your kids, drive around, read, meditate, hang out with your friends, and everywhere in between.

And as always, if you need more advice and conversation on the topic, contact me using the site menu. The meditation and spiritual journey is better with someone to go to, with all your questions, concerns and victories. You will avoid your mentor’s mistakes and spiritual car wrecks. I’m not recommending it for me, but for you, truly.

Also, this is happening soon! Sign up now. Contact me anyway you like, here, instagram or twitter to get the zoom link. See below:

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