Humans ARE Divine!

Humans really are divine. It’s true. There is more going on with your life than you can imagine, literally. You can have the life of your dreams. You can be happy, content, calm, and easy going. You can be free from obsessive thoughts, addictions, worries, anxiety, and the fear that causes the worlds’ and your problems. When you tap into the keg that is your divinity, all the crap that none of us like about ourselves gets magically washed away.

Living in and with your divinity doesn’t mean you have to go and make a tin foil hat and get weird. Remember what I initially said: Humans are divine. Don’t lose the human part. Don’t lose the mundane, the ordinary, the everyday, because without those things there is just divine, and that is a common mistake for religious and spiritual practitioners to make. They want to “die and go to Heaven.” They want to astral project and meditate all day and all night. They want to be “not of this world.” “I’m a spirit having a human experience,” is a common mantra for those too heavy on the divinity part. I once knew a guy who went around telling everyone, “Hey, I’m God. Don’t tell me I’m not. You’re wrong. You know why? Because I’m God!” I think confused might be the word he was going for, no offense to the guy if he’s reading.

Make no mistake though, you are transcendent and eternal just like God is. There is no divinity that exists outside your humanity that you have to add to your humanity, and no humanity or human being not already included and saturated in the divine life; and by the same token, your divinity is totally human clothed and normal, and always will be. Like two sides of a coin, both human-ness and God-ness are needed to carry any value for you, and it is only when the two are in harmony and together that you can “buy” an amazing life. Whether it be the heads side or tails side, both are made of the same material. Your humanity is divine, and your divinity is human.

What is divinity anyways?

If I could answer that question, I would, but there is no answer. How can human, creaturely and created words define such a thing as God, who is no thing, and utterly opposite of all things? Yet God is a thing somehow right? I mean, we are talking about God, or are we? Can we? It’s the mystery of mysteries! It seems that words won’t suffice or define, but they can point the way. They can send us in the right direction to experience for ourselves.

“God is unexplainable. Got it. Are you saying that I’m unexplainable? How does that help me or my life in any way?”

It’s not just that God is unexplainable, but that he is wonderfully unexplainable. It’s not the frustrating kind of mystery, stuck in a pitch black room of analytical questioning. It is the blinding-light, luminous, exhilarating, magical wonder kind of mystery. It’s relation to you is that you are birthed from this Mystery, clothed in this Mystery, and have this Mystery brimming through your veins.

You are divine, born of God’s seed. There aren’t enough words, essays, stories or books that can fully explain who you are. There isn’t an image or a picture that can capture and express your essence, your DNA, your heart and your self. You are beyond and free from any and all limitedness, boxes and pigeonholes.

If someone says you’re worthless… don’t forget that worthless is something you can understand, but you, like God, are non-understandable, therefore such a word as “worthless” doesn’t apply to you, so don’t feel so bad about it. If someone says you’re wonderful… I would agree that wonderful is part of and included with who you are, but at the same time it does not even come close to fully articulating you. It’s not even in the same ballpark, or sport even!, so don’t get so prideful about such a word, and don’t stress out trying to live up to it, which will sometimes be impossible anyways.

Be free from shame.

Be free from guilt.

Be free from ego.

Be free from arrogance.

Be free from trying too hard.

Be free from the need of having to always be in control of how you are perceived.

A lot of our problems come from the fact that we take the labels we give people and things too seriously. Of course we need to label the hot valve hot and the cold one cold. Labels are practical, but why do I need to base how I feel off a mere label? Call me whatever you want. I know I’m bigger and totally other than anything you can say. How liberating it is to not be life-typecasted by anything or anyone!

It’s too hard to live up to positive labels, and it’s depressing to see myself as a negative label. The good news is that life is not a game meant to be won, it’s a playground meant to be enjoyed, so why worry about what the bully kids are saying? Why not just jump on the monkey bars and have fun? What’s wrong with that? Why not just live? How do we just live, freely live?

It’s only when you get comfortable in your divine self that you can do so.

We all want to be free from useless judgments and labels, but it’s easier said than done, right? It may seem hard now, but I’m sure walking seems like rocket science to a newborn baby… you will get there. It’s a step-by-step process, not one of sweat and blood, but ease, relaxation and fun, where every step taken is fulfilling in itself, where every step is Home and Completion itself. Technically, walking seamlessly as your divine-human self is not something you need to attain and work for. It’s already who you are. The “work”, if one could even call it that, is one of letting go.

You are not trying to pack on muscle to win the world’s strongest man competition, now that takes hard work and determination. You’re actually putting the weights down, and letting go of the voice in your head telling you to pick them up all the time. You are not adding to yourself. No, you are dropping off the dead weight that’s hiding and eclipsing who you already are. Like Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free,” except this time the carving is done to you and you are passively submitting to the process.

In every religious tradition, and even in the secular world, there are rich wells to be drunk from that help us shed all of the darkness that obscures out true, human-divine self. Christians have the contemplative mystics, mostly found in the Orthodox and Catholic streams. Buddhists have Zen masters and Tibetan Rinpoches. Muslims have Sufism. China has given us Taoism. The list goes on. Then, there are random voices like me, hi! (You can subscribe somewhere on this site. Find it!)

I encourage you to take baby steps and find a book or two, if this human-divine stuff resonates with you. It’s usually best to find these teachings and treasures in the house and land(read “tradition”) that you grew up in and/or know best; but of course, follow your heart and enjoy the path given to you.

Humans Are Divine also offers pay-what-you-can spiritual direction, that can be virtual and/or in person. Find that in the menu section.

If you do decide to accept this mission, with or without us, I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible. So here is my advice to those embarking on the spiritual journey:

1: You have an internal guidance system that shows you the way and confirms the right choices, through peace and a feeling of okayness. Follow it.
2: Don’t believe everything you hear.
3: Don’t idolize any author or speaker.
4: Remember, words, beliefs, teachings and ideas are just the hands that lift you to the higher platform of truth and peace. There is no salvation in them.
5: Don’t do spiritual stuff 24/7, and don’t spiritualize everything.
6: Don’t force spiritual conversations with those who don’t really care.
7: Finally, it’s about fun. Don’t take it or yourself too seriously.

If you’re happy, you’re happy. If you’re good, you’re good. But if you find those moments where you realize something is missing, something is incomplete. “Why am I this way?” “Why can’t I stop?” I’m telling you, you can find fullness, wholeness and all the other good “-ness’s”. It all starts with a choice, but a relaxed choice. So, what do you choose?

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